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If I had to list a few of my favorite things that begin with the letter C, the list would be as follows: champagne, chocolate cake, cats. Oh, and Chadwick’s. It’s pretty tough not to love a place with an excellent brunch and bottomless champagne. With Matt in town this weekend, we decided to indulge.

I haven’t been to Chadwick’s since April, which is a travesty, considering how freaking good that place is. On my last trip there I opted for the breakfast burrito; this time I went with huevos rancheros (and Maya Angelou). Are we seeing a trend of Latin food for brunch? Rach got scrambled eggs and Matt went for steak and eggs. Between our constant champagne refills, the large table of Georgetown students behind us and the 30th birthday brunch going on across the room, the staff had their hands full. Our favorite waiter shotgunned a flute of champagne and had everyone in the room cheering for him. As people left, waves and goodbyes were exchanged between tables, between strangers. It was…weird. And good. Weird and good, like a bizarre family reunion. Chadwick’s, you get an A+ for atmosphere.

I didn’t manage to get any photos of my meal. That’s how hungry I was.

The bottom line on Chadwick’s: the staff was great, the food was excellent, the champagne was free-flowing. Washington has a ton of brunch options, but this place really takes the (chocolate) cake. Mid-way through brunch, Matt announced that Chadwick’s was his favorite brunch spot, and I’ve got to agree. The only thing that came close to a letdown was the chocolate cake we finished with. Moist, chocolately, but with a hint of cherry. Melissa = very particular with her cherries. Keep them away from my chocolate cake, please. Everything else was phenomenal, and we walked out fuzzy and happy.

From Georgetown, we hopped over to Dupont’s 17th Street Festival for an afternoon with local artists, vendors and performers.

And the award for best business name goes to…

Erin got there later in the day and blogged about drag queens, but I saw neither her nor them because I was too busy playing with kittens in the Pet Zone.

I picked up a picture frame, a business card from TD Bank (because as I’ve made very clear on Twitter, I am so over Bank of America) and chatted with Alezandra Russell, founder of the Recycled Children Project. Check out the site if you have a chance — human trafficking as a whole is a huge issue in southeast Asia, one that the average tourist either doesn’t see or doesn’t realize they’re seeing. RCP focuses its efforts on child exploitation victims in Chiang Mai, Thailand and strives to raise awareness and work to offer alternative opportunities to the Thai sex trade. For more information on human trafficking, I steer you over to my roommate Maia’s blog.

I left the festival in high spirits and with a few fuzzies left over from brunch. Since joining the rest of you in this 9-5 thing, I’ve learned that weekends are sacred and that I should make the most of them. Now, we’re nearing 8 a.m. on Monday morning. I’m fresh out of the shower and not yet to the point of forming actual sentences when I talk out loud. I’m ready for my last week of work, for a trip to a yet-to-be-decided location and for everything that October is going to bring. I’m ready for it all. Bring it, Monday.