Two months ago, in an attempt to escape the midday heat in Goa, Mimsie and I tracked down the local Cafe Coffee Day, India’s answer to Starbucks and one of the only places around with A/C. In the course of conversation, one of us mentioned bucket lists. In general, I’m not a list-maker, something that stems from a long history of misplacing things. I used to make lists and then lose them, only to find them weeks, months or years later when I didn’t need them anymore. The general frustration at finding so many half-written lists turned me off of the idea as a whole. But on that hot afternoon, amped up the iced coffee and good company, I decided to go for it. I grabbed my e-ticket — the only paper I was guaranteed not to lose while I was traveling — flipped it over and started writing. As our trip went on, the list grew. And grew. And grew.

This weekend, I noticed one of my roommates had her own bucket list tacked up in a corner of her bedroom. Inspired, I dug through the bag I traveled with in India and found the dirty, crumpled e-ticket with the list scribbled on the back. I’m almost guaranteed to lose the list again, so before I do, I’ll post it here, so there will at least be some record of its existence.

1. Be in a Bollywood movie

2. Live on a boat

3. Go to Italy for the food

4. Go on a safari

5. See Victoria Falls

6. Adopt a child from a foreign country

7. Attend the Kentucky Derby

8. Own an antique pasta-maker

9. Dogsled in Mongolia and take the Transsiberian Railroad back through Russia

10. Tend my own vegetable garden

11. See the Northern Lights

12. Ride in a hot-air balloon

13. Go on a blind date

14. Own a potter’s wheel

15. Write a Modern Love column

16. Hang-glide

17. Bake a wedding cake

18. Meet a Korean pop star

19. Own a hammock

20. Get a tiger dog

21. Go to Cuba

Not a bad list, if I do say so myself. Obviously some of these are reaches, but some seem pretty doable (hammock? pasta maker? dogsled?). And yes, I am aware that most of my goals revolve around food and/or travel. Totally legit.

What’s on your bucket list? I hope not “rob a bank,” like this unfortunate woman.