I hate writing postcards, but I love getting them. When I was younger, my grandmother would send me postcards from all over the world. I kept most of the postcards and put them in a photo album. When I first started traveling, I would pick up postcards every place I went with the intention of mailing them out, but somehow never got around to doing that. I returned from every trip with a handful of blank postcards, or worse–postcards that had been written and addressed…but never mailed.

I’m going to try and change that this time around, friends. If you would like a postcard from India, e-mail me your address: melissa.e.weiss[at]gmail.com. I promise that I will send a postcard to each and every person who wants one.

Now, I’m off to New York City for the afternoon/evening. My flight takes off from JFK at 11:20 a.m. tomorrow. I’m bringing my Blackberry, so I’ll have e-mail, Internet and Skype the entire time I’m traveling. I’ll also have phone and texting capabilities, but that costs a pretty penny, so if you really need me, find me on Skype or Gchat.

And with that, I’ll bid you farewell. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Dubai (or, more likely, at JFK waiting for my flight). À bientôt!