Today is my last full day upstate and I haven’t even started to pack. Massive fail, I know. I have a ton to do before I head to Brooklyn tomorrow. (My flight isn’t until Thursday morning, but I don’t want to risk morning traffic in the city on the way to JFK, so I’m heading to the city tomorrow afternoon.) I’m hitting the mall today to pick up the basics–hand sanitizer, shampoo/conditioner, toilet paper, sunblock, wedding ring.

Time out.

Wedding ring?

You betcha. The roommate of a college friend is currently in Mumbai and suggested that while I travel, I wear a rock on my hand to ward off overly friendly locals. Pair that with “My wealthy husband is not feeling well and staying inside our hotel today” and I will successfully dodge some unwanted attention. (At least, that’s what I hope will happen.) I never imagined that the first time I slipped a ring on my finger would be when I’m gross and sweaty and lugging a rucksack through the sweltering Indian heat, but whatever. I’m game.

That’s the plan today. Normal? No. But I’ve come to realize that nothing about my life is normal anymore.

What are some essentials that I’m likely to forget? Remind me before I go shopping today!