Chatting with new Kingston friend Michael after Trivia Night last Tuesday, he mentioned that his employer, JK’s Wine and Liquor, was having a free wine tasting over the weekend. What’s that, you say? Free wine? I’m in. I told Tori about it and within five minutes, her entire family had committed to Saturday’s event.

I’m trying to find the right words to describe yesterday’s wine tasting. Delicious? Yes, that’s a good word. Fun? Yeah, we’ll go with that, too. Did I learn anything new about wine? Well, no. But I did sample a few dozen wines. My favorite wine came from Cupcake Vineyards. What’s that? Cupcake Vineyards sounds like a joke? Well, Cupcake Vineyards sounds like heaven to me. (My affinity for cupcakes aside, that is.) I immediately fell in love with the sweetness of the Blanc de Blanc Chardonnay. Couldn’t say the same for the Brut Rose Pinot Noir, but as the saying goes, ya win some and ya lose some. Well, I definitely won this one. And so did JK, because there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to purchase a bottle of the Blanc de Blanc.

The second highlight of the day came at the last table we visited, where we sampled a Merry’s white chocolate liqueur. I am a huge fan of chocolate, just not the white variety, so I kept my expectations low as I sipped. I was shocked to find that I enjoyed the white chocolate Merry’s more than the regular chocolate (which I find no trace of on the Internet. Anyone else have luck in that department?). Good old Tor had the idea to mix the liqueur with a black raspberry vodka we’d sampled earlier in the afternoon. Result: a raspberry cheesecake-flavored mixed drink. Win win win.

A quick run-in with my childhood babysitter, Aubree (“I saw you and thought, ‘No, she is not old enough to drink.’ Gosh, I’ve gotten old!”) put the icing on the cake (or, following with the theme of the day, cupcake).

I was pleasantly surprised by the selection at JK. A long-time supporter (well, I’m only 23, so I guess two years is as long as I can have possibly been a patron) of The Merchant, due mostly to its close proximity to my house and wide selection of kosher wines, I haven’t branched out to the other stores in town. JK’s wine tasting may have swayed me. From what I’ve seen online, Cupcake wines are hard to find on the East Coast, so JK might end up being my main supplier.

We capped off the afternoon in Woodstock with cigars, homemade mac and cheese and more wine. Now that is what I call a great Saturday afternoon.