At this late hour, I bring you the most inspired post I can muster. This is an important blog post, an uplifting blog post. And if it doesn’t make you the slightest bit hungry, I’m going to wonder what the hell is wrong with you. So I’m just going to go ahead and make a pretty bold statement right now: Cupcakes are next to godliness. What? You that that was cleanliness? No, my friend. You are so very wrong.

I just…I love cupcakes. Not in a gross, morbidly-obese-because-I-eat-them-for-every-meal sort of way, but in a man-I-should-probably-hit-the-gym-if-I-want-to-continue-to-eat-cupcakes-this-often way, or even in a I’ve-baked-thousands-of-cupcakes-with-small-Korean-children way. But let me tell you, SEV’s cupcakes pale in comparison to the goodness that is the American cupcake. Want proof? Tori’s birthday was earlier this month; Amy made the most amazing cupcakes:

They don't look especially large, but these cupcakes are as big as your face. Well, assuming your face is the same size as a slightly above average cupcake. They also turned my mouth bright colors. My Korean cupcakes didn't even have frosting on top. NO FROSTING!!! Travesty, I say.

This post is inspired by Maryland classmate Adam, who I met freshman year of college while we were both participants on Birthright. Our friendship first crossed the Atlantic and then crossed over to the world of social networking. We have gone from Facebook to Twitter and now across the digital stratosphere to WordPress, thanks to one of Adam’s tweets today, informing me of the single greatest event to ever occur in Washington. No, I am not talking about Obama’s inauguration or the passage of the health care bill. Friends, I am talking about the tastiest, most exciting event that could possibly happen in the nation’s capital: the Cupcake Cup.

Now, let me make one thing clear: I love a good bracket (that’s what she said?), I do. But when my team loses at the buzzer after playing one hell of a final minute, the last thing I want to see is anything related to the NCAA Tournament–especially anything that still says Duke on it. But you know what doesn’t say “Duke”? CUPCAKES. Cupcakes are delicious and full of love. Plus, “cupcake” is easy to pronounce. (Suck it, Coach Krzyzewski.)

That being said, I give you greatness, love, tastiness and happiness. But above all, I give you many dessert options:


I’ll be honest: I’m not a huge fan of store-bought cupcakes. Despite such sexy bakery names as Cake Love and Edibles Incredible, I simply prefer cupcakes made in my kitchen, or a friend’s kitchen, or especially my grandmother’s kitchen. There is actual love baked into these tasty homemade treats, not a love for money or economic prosperity, but love for food and for the people eating the food, and that love cannot be replicated or mass-produced.

Despite my preference for homemade cupcakes, I am still interested to see who comes out on top. I dare the winner to go head to head with Grandma Jackie. You hear that, Washington Cupcake Cup champion? There’s a little lady in Poughkeepsie who is ready to school you!

Off-topic while still being on-topic: the history of cupcakes. They are called “fairy cakes” in England. I think I want to move there and eat cupcakes all day long.