What do you do when your hours at worked get halved?
You enjoy the warm March weather and grab a late lunch with your father.

What do you do when you find out that the local ice cream stand has just reopened for the season?
You get in your car and head to Jolly Cow for a chocolate chip cookie dough cone with a peanut butter dip.

What do you do when you arrive home to find that you have no electricity and no heat?
You thank your lucky stars that it’s not the dead of winter, then you use your dying cell phone to report the outage to Central Hudson, all the while cursing yourself for not charging the phone this morning. You grab the Bill Bryson book you’re in the middle of reading, crawl into bed with the cat and read until your eyelids begin to droop.

What do you do when you discover that every academic paper you wrote in college is no longer on your computer?
You have a good cry, take a deep breath and remember that there are more important things in the world. Like cookie dough ice cream with a peanut butter dip from your favorite ice cream stand, which just reopened today.