Talk Like a Pirate Day used to be my favARRRRRite holiday, but has recently been replaced by something better–something much, much better. Grammar is my first love, the AP Stylebook my bible. In honor of National Grammar Day, I give you these gems:

You Don’t Say–I met John McIntyre when I interned at The Baltimore Sun during college. He has since left his post as AME but maintains his blog, which has been bookmarked on my computer since I discovered it a couple years ago. Highlight: an instructional video titled “How to Make a Martini.”

Grammar Girl–Mignon Fogarty is everyone’s (well, my) favorite grammarian. Her Web site is my go-to place when I have a question that the AP Stylebook cannot answer. It should be yours, too. I love the recent debate on how to pronounce 2010. (My friends and I have taken to saying “twenty dime,” but the number-coin moniker can’t be applied again for another 15 years. Twenty quarter, anyone?)

Who vs. Whom–I give you my favorite clip from The Office:

Go on, friends, do your thing! Correct your roommate’s spelling, give your sister a hard time because she refuses to get “your” and “you’re” straight (yes, Joanna, I mean you) and pencil in corrections on menus. Today is your day, fellow grammarians. Make no excuses for your superb grasp of the English language! I salute each and every one of you!