I’m serious this time. I’ve been a blogging failure for a whole month now, and that’s unacceptable. My Chinese New Year resolution (made a week late) is to be better. I will be better. For me, for you and for America. (I have been watching the Olympics and am bubbling over with national pride, clearly.) Can I promise another 50 straight days of blog posts? No, and the Melissa of today is shocked that the Melissa of six months ago managed such a thing. But, if I could manage to blog every day while baking cupcakes, packing up a year’s worth of life in Korea and planning a backpacking adventure, the least I can do now is manage a few of these suckers a week.

It’s Sunday morning in this part of the world, and the day is full of possibilities. Growing up, I loathed Sundays, because they meant Hebrew school in the morning and homework and golf on TV in the afternoon. None of those things sound fun, do they? Now, Sundays are for sleeping in, reading the paper, doing laundry, hitting the market and working my way through my inbox. Sunday mornings are for turning up the music, eating cinnamon rolls from the local bakery and watching the sunlight stream in through the blinds.

At work, to escape WKNY’s awful mid-morning line-up (the breaking point was a few weeks ago, when we listened to half an interview with a professional tea-maker), we now turn the dial to WDST for a few hours every morning. Despite my current beef with Radio Woodstock (THEY WOULDN’T PLAY “AMERICAN PIE” ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED! WHAT THE HELL!?), they do play some decent music. A couple weeks ago, we were introduced to the Avett Brothers, a band that’s been around for nearly a decade, but only on our airwaves (and the charts) this year. They’re good, they’re really good. “I and Love and You” is now the most-played song on my iPod, surpassing Lady Gaga and all of my Korean pop songs. Give it a listen, and tell me it’s not the perfect thing to mix with cinnamon rolls, tea and the Sunday paper.