I don’t know when life got so busy, or why I stopped blogging so often. Low on inspiration, high on caffeine these days, I guess. The next few weeks look to be better–seeing college and USY friends, a weekend trip to Atlantic City and a lighter workload, to name a few things that I’m looking forward to.

Things I have yet to blog about (but it will happen, I promise):
-The cruise I took a whole damn month ago
-Meeting the newest edition to the family
-Cute childhood photos from my dad’s house
-Seeing fellow teachers who are visiting the States from abroad
-The best K-pop song I have ever heard (I mean, how many Korean songs have Hebrew titles? Point made, I hope.)

That’s all I’ve got for now. Cupcakes for tomorrow’s office Super Bowl/Valentine’s Day party are in the oven and I’m planted firmly on the plaid couch, wondering why the last couple minutes of the two most recent episodes of The Office are done in song.