Have been trying to find the good in the past few days. General life stress and not knowing what the next few months holds has thrown me into that senior-year-of-college mindset. Not the happy-hour-before-class mindset, but the what-the-hell-am-I-doing mindset, the one my poor, very understanding roommates had to endure for a good chunk of that year.

Colder-than-cold weather, losing my iPod and a lack of winning things has made this week fall flat. Even excessive dessert-eating couldn’t pick things up enough. We’re still not back to where we should be, but at least the week is over. The insanity at work is just starting up and will be increasing steadily until early February. But now I’ve got my bed, plans to meet up with Korean friends in the city tomorrow and the best piece of news ever: a musical featuring Spice Girls songs is in the works.

I was at that perfect, extremely impressionable age when the Spice Girls made their debut. Friends would get together and pretend to be the Spice Girls (and I, despite having a red-haired best friend, was always Ginger), my trapper keeper was covered in Girl Power stickers and I even remember what I wore to see Spice World (a mini-skirt, because I was such a foxy 11-year-old). I cried when Geri Halliwell left the group. The list goes on, but I’ll show some restraint here. I mean, remember my addiction to Boys Over Flowers? (BTW, I still love Kim Hyun-joong with all my heart.) That’s how I was when it came to the Spice Girls.

Suffice it to say that my mood brightened a bit when I found out that the producer behind Mamma Mia is planning a similarly styled musical featuring Spice Girls songs. Mood was also brightened when I discovered an embarrassing error in the first graph (once a copy editor, always a copy editor). In case you’re wondering about future gifts for me, just know that I will never turn down tickets to this show.

Can’t embed and it’s too difficult (and late) to find a postable video, so here is the link to one of the best pick-me-ups in the world. It’s time to spice up your life, friends.