Heaven forbid I let last week sink into oblivion without letting the world know how awesome it was. Was going to do a play-by-play, but my memory isn’t that good. Here’s the short list:

-Started the new job. Temping at town hall, taking money and making small talk with the characters residing in the Town of Ulster. (Just today, the father of the guy who stole my car in high school came in to pay his taxes. Small talk is less fun when all you want to do is yell out “Your kid stole my car!”) There are no cannolis at this job, but I did learn how to use a typewriter. Win!

-Won WKNY sports trivia. Melissa won a radio trivia contest? About sports!? Yes and yes, friends. Can you name three of the top five highest-grossing sports franchises? Neither could the handful of old men who called in before I got through. Two of the teams had been pretty much established–New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys–but what were the other three? Did I know? No, so I threw out my best educated guess. Having just spent a year living with soccer-crazed Brits, I offered up Manchester United, which I then discovered to be the top-grossing sports franchise in the world. My prize? A couple hot dogs and a car wash. Not a big win prize-wise, but the bragging rights were priceless.

-Speaking of winning things for being smarter than other people, last week Jerry and the Pacemakers killed at Skytop Trivia. Well, maybe “killed” isn’t the right word. We won by a single point. Even still, we won. For the first time. Ever. This was the epitome of exciting, and an obvious win for the week.

-Returned to Keegan Ales’ Thursday mason jar night. Haven’t been to mason jar night in a few weeks, so Thursday was a treat. Some Internet research the other night led me to discover the return of Keegan’s Super Kitty, my all-time favorite beer. A liter of the good stuff, which sits in the 93 percentile on ratebeer.com, sells for a hefty $25, but I’m almost tempted to go for it. You don’t know heaven until you’ve tasted a Super Kitty. Readers of the Times Herald-Record agree, having rated it 2009’s best local alcoholic beverage. Definitely a win.

-I was already in high spirits by the end of the week, but a trip down to Washington only amped the mood. It’s been a month since my last visit, and that’s just too long. Goal: to be a permanent resident in time to take advantage of the more temperate Washington winter. Upstate New York is just too cold for this girl. Plus, I left my warmest winter coat in Korea. Brrr!

After a solid weekend, the requisite return to New York. Sigh. Love this place, but it’s just too small. The week kicked off to a solid start and we’re coasting now. Lost trivia last night (and we weren’t even close), but won a free pizza from WDST this afternoon. (Good thing my coworker called in during the all-request lunch to request the Allman Brothers’ “Sweet Melissa.”) A few hours later, one of the cops on duty pulled me aside to tell me that one of the guys sitting in the courtroom waltzed through security with a Levon Helm‘s Grammy in his bag. “A gram?” I asked, thinking it more likely that someone appearing in criminal court would mistakenly bring in drugs, not one of the world’s most prestigious entertainment awards. Sure enough, this guy (who most most assuredly not The Band‘s Levon Helm) was carrying around his Grammy award. Not entirely sure why, but I’ll leave that to the authorities. I live among the crazies, what can I say.

I’ve left this post in drafts for a few days, updating sporadically. Weird things keep happening, and so the post keeps growing. Let’s put an end to the nutso. Posting now!

Has the past week been particularly weird or crazy for anyone else? Or do I stand alone?