I planned to write about last week, easily the best week I’ve had in a long time. I was also hoping to finish up the Guatemala/Belize/Mexico post. But something happened to me yesterday. Something big, my friends. Life-altering, maybe. As I lay in Rachel’s [impossibly comfortable] bed last night, flipping between Teen Mom and the Golden Globes, I came across the preview for a movie that will make, if not my year, then certainly my February.

Patrick Dempsey…Eric Dane…Bradley Cooper…I’m drooling like a puppy here. Valentine’s Day is like a peppy, less-heartbreaking version of He’s Just Not That Into You (and I was just not that into that movie). Also looking forward to the two Taylor Swift songs on the soundtrack (and the fact that not one, but two of her exes also appear in the movie).

The Post calls it “The Next Love Actually.” I think I can handle that. February 12–mark your calendars, my friends. You can find me in the nearest movie theater.

It should also be noted that I’m beyond stoked for Tooth Fairy. My crush on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will never die. Ever. IMDB gives the most interesting bit of trivia yet:

“The script for this film has been in development since 1992, originally titled “Sweet Tooth”. The original story involved a U.S. Marine whose father, the original tooth fairy, was dying and who had to take over the family business. For years, Arnold Schwarzenegger strongly considered taking on the starring role.”