Stopped for a few minutes at a gas station in northern Jersey yesterday, I whipped out my phone and checked Facebook, noticing that cousin Hannah had updated her status: “golden globes = target commercial = MY COUSIN”

Her cousin? Me!? No, can’t be. My two years as a Target cashier got me nothing more than a lot of red and khaki-colored clothes and a 10 percent discount. So who could she be talking about? More detective work led to cousin Steven Ezra, a performer with Momix Dance Company. The Target commercial aired Sunday night during the Golden Globes, but my short attention span kept me flipping channels during the commercial breaks.

Haven’t been able to find it on Youtube yet, but if you go here and click on the “Target Art Expands” box in the top row, you can watch the video. Steven Ezra is the only guy in the video, so he shouldn’t be hard to spot.