After eight days in sunny Phuket, we headed to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. You’re about to see tigers, zip-lining and our first views of the mighty Mekong River. And food. Always food.

The Sunday night market in the Old Quarter

Khao soi, a traditional northern Thai dish, that we got at the night market. Tasted like heaven after a day of airport food.

Just hanging out with some tigers

Tiger Kingdom wins for best signage. Ever.

One more tiger shot

Then we rented bicycles and did a wat tour around the city.

Buying tea in the central market

And then we went ziplining!

I took a ziplining video and learned I scream like a girl. A really girly girl.

Mr. Aussie stuck his pet bug in my face. Yep, pet bug. That thing is tied to a stick and very much alive.

Banana and chocolate pancake with condensed milk and more chocolate drizzled on top. Eat your hearts out.

Gate that surrounded the Old Quarter. Not pictured: the accompanying moat

First view of the Mekong River from Chiang Kong