Still alive, friends. I’ve been in Washington since Wednesday visiting friends and eating ravioli. Got my computer back from Erin, who has been keeping it safe for two months (thanks again, Er!), and finally uploaded all of my photos from my travels. I guess I’ll post the highlights from each city/region, and hope that makes up for the past two weeks of non-blogging. First up, Phuket!

My very first picture in Thailand: a snail crawling out of our bathroom drain. Keep it classy, Phuket.

Inside the Buddha Caves

View from our speedboat

James Bond Island. And me doing a cartwheel.

Looks cute...

...but look what he did!

The market in Phuket Town

Muslim floating village near James Bond Island. Would be cooler if it wasn't a huge tourist trap.

This boy came up to us at a bar and tried to sell us flowers. His sales method? Beat up potential customers. Paul didn't want to buy a flower, so the kid tried to kick his ass.

The young Thai guys who hung out at the beach bar put on fire shows at night. I tried doing this in Cambodia--MUCH harder than it looks. And it looks hard.

These guys come out around late in the afternoon and kick the ball around as the sun sets. What a life, eh?


So I'm a total sucker for sunsets. You are too.

There are plenty more Phuket photos up on my Facebook page, so check them out. The next post will feature Chiang Mai, skydiving and our first views of the Mekong River.