Jeanette’s been talking about getting surfing lessons in Phuket since we first decided to come here. Though not terribly keen on the idea, I smiled and went along with it, because, why not? This trip is all about trying new things, right?

After getting over her stomach sunburn (and let me tell you, this was the worst sunburn I’ve ever seen), Jeanette decided yesterday would be a good day to try the waves. We made our way to a surf shop and 20 minutes later were in the water. Anyone care to guess how good I was at surfing?

Awful. As expected, really. A lack of coordination combined with a lack of upper-body strength meant that I was a surfing failure. I did manage to stand a few times, but fell down pretty quickly. My instructor, a Thai guy with decent English, joked that I was 20 percent surfer. Every time I got knocked off, I’d turn around to see him mid-laughing fit. After our hour-long lesson was up, they offered to let us use the boards for free for another hour. Jeanette took them up on it; I continued to work on my world-class tan.

This morning, I woke up sore all over. It hurts to move, to grab my bottle of water that’s sitting a foot away, to put one foot in front of the other. We’re about to head down to the beach, and the first order of business will be to get a massage. The pain is awful, but well worth it. Will I be surfing again? Likely not. But is it infinitely cool that I can say I learned to surf in Thailand? I daresay yes.

On deck for today: massage, more curry, more beach time (the sky is an amazing blue at the mo’) and hanging out with a couple Brits we met last night at a bar on the beach. Tentatively we’re off to Chiang Mai tomorrow, but seeing as how Chiang Mai doesn’t have a beach and we’ve yet to book our tickets, we may not be out of here until Sunday.