Last night was my final night out in Suyu, and I spent it where I spent one of my first nights–Penelope, the local foreigner hangout. A bunch of coworkers and former SEVers came out and enjoyed one of the few nice nights left before the weather turns. While we were there, we made the acquaintance of two Canadians who have been living in Seoul for a few years. One of them brought her dog and sat down with us for a bit. Lemme tell ya, I’ve never seen a dog like this before. Apparently, they’re native to Korea, which would explain why I’ve last night was the first time I had seen that kind of dog. They’re called something along the lines of “tiger dog,” though my memory is a bit fuzzy. Not having played with an animal since my visit to Tokyo’s Nekobukuro in January, I jumped at the chance to pet the tiger dog.


Shortly after our new friends left the bar, some of the Koreans headed out, but not before taking the obligatory Boys Before Flowers picture with me:


So that was my night–Koreans and the tiger dog. Now I’m packing up the rest of my things before heading into Suyu to close my bank account. I sent home my first suitcase today–for 190,000 won. That’s about $175 US. Ugh ugh ugh!! I’ve only got a few more things to send, so here’s hoping it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.