Hey, you know what I have time to do these days?

Absolutely nothing.

These last 72 hours are a race to the finish. I’ve still got a day of classes, a ton of packing and major apartment cleaning before I hop on that bright, shiny Airbus.

Spent most of last night packing things up/watching The King and I. You know, to mentally prepare and whatnot.

Here are today’s plans:
-Teach six classes (triple Cooking, Police, Bingo and DODGEBALL)
-Figure out if my local post office ships suitcases. If not, Friday isn’t going to be any fun.
-Meet up with a family friend from Rhinebeck who just moved to Seoul
-Drinks with coworkers one last night
-Return all the stuff I’ve taken from the office this year
-Continue packing
-Write tomorrow’s blog entry

My head is spinning…how on earth am I going to be ready to go by Saturday?