Confession: I have a chicken wing complex. My entire life, I refused to eat wings in front of anyone but my immediate family. As I said in July:

“I won’t eat them in front of anyone I’m not closely related to, which means that up until this point, only my mother, father and sister had seen me eat them. Why? Because eating wings is perhaps the most unattractive thing a person could possibly do, and I refuse to let anyone, except for those who are obligated to love me, see me in such a state.”

Well, I no longer have that complex. Why? Chicken wings are delicious! Especially the ones served at Rocky Mountain Tavern‘s Tuesday Wing Night. My coworkers first got into Wing Night back in July. I was on evening shift that month, and every time I went to RMT after I got out, the wings were sold out. Major disappointment. Last month, SEVers started going regularly, and being back on day shift allowed me to go with them. That’s when I discovered the greatness of Creamy Cool (and Lemon Pepper, BBQ and Killer Ouch).


Wing Night has become a fun SEV tradition. It also helps that the bar plays Monday Night Football. MNF is clearly a big draw for some:


Highlights: AMAZING wings, good drinks (I’m talking about you, double Georgia Peach Iced Tea), fairly organized service

Lowlights: Not enough seating for the hundreds of people there (Hundreds? Maybe that’s an exaggeration. Let’s go with one or two hundred.), the tendency to run out of wings several hours into the night

I don’t know what else can be said about these wings except for that they’re the best in Asia. Planet Wings, I’ll be back in America soon. Let’s see if you can match up to RMT’s Wing Night.