Sorry, guys. Between Rosh Hashana and goodbye festivities, I have very few pictures of the weekend (due to the former) and very few appropriate stories to tell (courtesy of the latter). It was a good weekend, and I got to see friends from every aspect of my adopted life here. Tashlich was good yesterday–we ended up going down to the Han River. This is my second Rosh Hashana out of the country. In Prague a few years ago we walked down to the Vltava to cast the bread into the water, and ended up being subjects of tourists’ photo shoots. Same happened this year, and you just have to laugh it off. If I was Korean and saw a bunch of white people dressed in funny clothes throwing bread into the river, I’d hope off my bike and whip out my camera as well.

What else? This is my last Monday of work, of Korea, of losing half my lunch break to a staff meeting. I’ve barely packed, and that’s bad news. Must get on that one soon. We’re down to nine foreign teachers this week, I think. Teachers were told they had to use mandatory vacation time this week because office staff anticipated having a small number of students. Well, this week we’ve got 20 teams, which is about right for this time of year, so now we’re understaffed. Factor in that only foreign teachers can teach the adults we’ve got here today and tomorrow, and we’re really screwed.

Just gotta keep thinking Thailand…warm beaches…green curry…massages…ahhhhhh….