This was going to be a real post, but then I found out Patrick Swayze died and my world came crumbling down.

1. Day two of the adults, and I’m loving it. This morning I played ultimate frisbee with seven of the guys. Am now calling it Adultimate class. They were–I dare say–better than me. Also, one of them is named Great Root. Apparently that’s a direct translation of something very good in Korean.

2. Right, Patrick Swayze. No words. Only tears. Planning to watch Ghost and Dirty Dancing by the end of the week. (Sidenote: According to IMDB, Dirty Dancing went up 299 percent in popularity this week. Can’t imagine why.) EDIT: Coworker Randy just sent me this: Look and laugh!

3. Check this out. Someone in College Park redid a Jay-Z song and came out with this:

Kristi did a DBblogK about it, so check that out too. The Diamondback gets a shoutout, hollaaaa: “When you see us, call us Black Diamond. Catch us on the cover of The Diamondback shinin’.”

4. Went to the clinic yesterday for what I hope to God is the last time. Have some sort of infection, am on antibiotics. Excited for the crazy dreams to come.

5. My flight to Phuket is reserved for September 26. I’ll have the e-ticket in just a few short days. Woooo!!!!