Orphans. Blind kids. Russians. Japanese. Hormonal high schoolers. After a year here, I’ve learned to be prepared for anything and everything. If you had told me last year that I’d be teaching anyone other than elementary school kids, I’d be shocked. Nowadays, sure, why not?

For the next two days, we’ve got students (can I call them students?) who are Seoul government officials. We’re talking people who are my parents’ age. Imagine my disdain when I walked into my class this morning and realized that I was teaching nine men. No women. Still traumatized by the high schoolers, I immediately tensed up. Luckily, there are no downward dogs or body arches in the Bank lesson plan. The guys were actually really nice. They hardly spoke English, but they listened and tried to complete the worksheets and participated when we used the dialogue boards. At the end of class, they even took out their passports for stamps. As we left class, I got a chorus of “Thank you”s.

I’m at the point where I’ve mentally peaced out. Since the high school boys came, nothing has fazed me. There will be no more orphans or blind kids or foreign students. The toughest weeks are long gone, and now it’s virtually smooth sailing until I leave. Which is, by the way, in twelve days. Must book my ticket to Phuket this afternoon…