Actually, there was nothing at all manic about today. We don’t have any students here until Wednesday, so I had five hours of programming. Writing lesson plans > teaching.

However, there are so many things I want to tell you about. A few weeks ago, Jeanette and I ventured up the street to the 4-19 cemetery. I returned to the soup place down the street for some down-home Korean cooking. I’ve been stalking the men of F4 to an insane degree. I’ve yet to post the “Ten Things I Hate About Korea” list. I’m beginning to pack up the last year of my life.

Like I said, so many things to tell you about. Unfortch, none of that is happening right now because I’m sick. Have been hacking up a lung/wheezing/blowing my nose almost constantly since yesterday morning, save for a brief respite of smooth breathing this afternoon. Drowning my sorrows and coughs with tea, but that only seems to fix things for a little while.

Hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow–I’ve got lunch plans with Alex, who is leaving for our beloved home state and who I probably won’t be seeing again for quite some time, as she’ll be back in Korea before I get back to New York. I’m tellin’ ya–Seoul in September is goodbye central.

Umm, last thing before I make another cup of tea and settle down in bed with James McBride’s The Color of Water: I requested a couple days off from work at the end of the month, so it looks like I’ll be shipping out of here on either September 25 or 26. Phuket, here I come!