A few weeks ago, a few of the Korean teachers were discussing their blood types. No, they weren’t talking about donating at a blood drive. Koreans believe that blood type has a direct impact on one’s personality. This idea is also popular in Japan, and Wikipedia likens it to Western astrology.

There’s even a Korean rom-com that explores this idea. B형 남자친구, or, My Boyfriend is Type A, explores the relationship between a type A woman and a rambunctious type B man. Will try to find the film on MySoju and let you know how it is.

I’m pretty sure I’m O negative, the universal donor. According to Korean beliefs, my positive traits are that I’m “agreeable, sociable, optimistic.” Not bad, eh? At the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m also vain and rude. Sigh.

Type A personalities are earnest (though one of the negative traits is overearnestness), creative and sensible, yet fastidious. Type Bs are considered wild and active, but also selfish and irresponsible. Any ABs out there? You’re cool, controlled and rational. You’re also critical and indecisive. Not the worst mix in the world.

In one Little Journalist class, a student wrote a comic strip about blood types and the corresponding personality traits. It’s really funny and creative, not something I’d expect to see from a non-native English speaker, much less one in elementary school!




























How accurate is the Korean system in predicting your personality?