Or just several goodbyes in a short span of time. As happy as I should be because of our swine flu-induced three-day weekend, I’m quite the opposite. Two good friends are leaving Seoul in the next few days, and saying goodbye to them will be tough. This is a cheap blog post, I know, but I’m pressed for time right now. I’m writing this from Itaewon, where I’m spending the night with friends. I write this from Tobi’s living room, where I’ve spent many a night this year. More on Tobi’s apartment in another post. I’m staying the night here to spend some quality time with fellow teacher Lisa before she heads back to Canada. On Sunday, Melanie will be bidding us farewell as she returns to the States for one more year at NYU.

To make up for this crappy entry, I’ll include a picture from a visit to the health clinic down the street. A trip to the clinic is a three-step process. First: Meet with the doctor. He listens to your breathing, asks what’s wrong and then prescribes some antibiotics. Second: You are ushered into an attached room, where the nurse/receptionist gives you a shot in a tush. (I usually opt to skip this step.) Third: The nurse/receptionist brings you to another room and sets you up in front of some crazy contraption with a long tube attached. She hands you a tube and, using charades, explains that you need to stick the tube up your nose for a minute or two. While the tube is up there, the contraption sucks up mucus and snot and all of that other undesirable stuff that hangs out in your nasal cavity while you’re sick. Gross? Yes. Effective? For about two minutes, before your nose fills back up with goop again. Oh, Korea…