I mentioned yesterday that SEV only has five teams here Wednesday through Friday. The only class of mine that was not canceled originally ended up, of course, getting canceled. Swine flu has taken Seoul’s schools and hagwons by storm. Just this morning, I found out that a student at my friend Andrew’s school contracted the flu. No word yet on what he’ll be doing at work for the next few days.
Because all of my classes were canceled, I’ve been put on programming duty, along with most of the other teachers. Donny occasionally pokes his head into the computer lab and jokes that it has been turned into the SEV PC-bang, much like the public computer rooms that litter the city.
My job this week is to revamp the Police Station lesson plan. The original plan is pretty dry, so teachers rarely follow it. We spend the majority of class playing a “Who stole the money?” game. In my quest for new material, I had a flashback to middle school. I remembered walking down a straight line in the hallway, my vision impaired by special goggles meant to simulate the vision of someone who had a few too many drinks.
I asked my boss if it would be possible to get impairment goggles for Police class. Even after I explained the D.A.R.E. program a bit and insisted that elementary and middle school kids in the States are taught about alcoholism, I didn’t think she’d go for it. So I was shocked when she broke out into a big smile and said she thought it was a great idea. She asked me to do some more research on prices and whatnot and get back to her when I was finished. Easy as pie!
In a country with such a high rate of alcoholism, using those goggles might actually do some good. At the very least, it will provide some entertainment during an otherwise dull and boring class. I’m sure Officer Miller and the Kingston D.A.R.E. program never imagined that their methods would be used to educate Korean elementary students.
That all being said, I spent the morning in the lab, Googling and price-checking these goggles, even going so far as to consider the do-it-yourself route. Did you know you can make your own beer goggles? (Insert joke here.) Not a bad way to spend a Thursday morning, eh? Certainly beats teaching kindy nature.
While SEV still has no swine flu cases to report, parents are taking no risks. Our scheduler told us that even though we’ve got kids signed up for next week, it’s anticipated that many of them will cancel. If that means another week of heavy programming, I think I’m OK with that.