This is the post in which I somewhat reluctantly admit to my teenybopper tendencies. My first concert was *NSYNC when I was 13 years old. As if I couldn’t be excited enough, I found out that rising star Pink, whose music I really liked at the time, was opening. I’m pretty sure I cried, or at least came close to doing so, when I found out she was one of the opening acts.

That excitement was mirrored when I was accepted to Maryland. I remember the screaming, the near-hyperventilating, the tears and the frantic phone call to my parents. Yes, seeing Pink/*NSYNC has the emotional equivalent to getting accepting to university. I haven’t felt that same excitement in a long, long time.

That is, of course, until several weeks ago. Last week, I admitted my love for Boys Before Flowers. I made a passing mention of my love for Kim Hyun-joong’s character Yoon Ji-hoo. To say I love him is to only graze the surface. I’m pretty freakin’ obsessed with Ji-hoo. Mimsie gave me a cell phone charm with his face on it, a quarter of my work nametag is taken up by a picture of him and when the kids ask who my boyfriend is, I slyly answer, “Yoon Ji-hoo, of course.”

As some of you know, I’m prone to fits of random Wikipedia-ing. As I got more and more hooked on BBF, my creeper tendencies only grew. Turns out that the actor, Kim Hyun-joong, is part of pop group SS501. Not that I’m that that into K-pop, but I’ll admit to dabbling. I know my fair share of Girls Generation, Superjunior and Big Bang.

A few weeks ago, we found an announcement in a local Korean paper for a concert in Incheon. It was all in Korean, but some of the acts were written in English. Imagine my surprise when I found out that some of Korea’s biggest names, including SS501, were performing. Imagine my further shock when one of the Korean teachers read the announcement and told me the concert was free.

We snatched up tickets as soon as they were available. For weeks, we’ve been telling students about this concert. All of the other teachers here knew about it and how excited we were. As the days drew closer, I couldn’t stop myself from squealing whenever the concert came up in conversation.

That is until this morning, when I got a text from Mimsie, informing me that the concert was postponed due to former President Kim Dae-jung’s death earlier in the week. Convinced she was wrong, I went to the event website and found this:

Picture 1


SS501 is off the new line-up! Words cannot express how sad I was for most of the day. Even writing about it now, I’m pretty bummed. I definitely want to go to the rescheduled concert, but I know I won’t be nearly as excited for it. Not without my SS501.

I’m going to make a bold claim, here and now. I’m going to find Kim Hyun-joong eventually. And when I do, it won’t be on a billboard or an advert. I’m going to meet him in person and take a damn good picture with him. Do I hear any nay-sayers?


So close, yet so far. But doesn't he look handsome up on that board?

So close, yet so far. But doesn't he look handsome up on that board?