In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that keeping up with K-pop culture is key to connecting with students. The Wondergirls were a huge hit when I first arrived last September, but as of late have been overshadowed by the newer, fresher Girl’s Generation, or as they’re known in Korea,소녀시대.

The Wondergirls have taken their second-tier status in stride and moved on to the U.S., where they’ve spent the summer opening for the Jonas Brothers. Their hit “Nobody,” which you may recall Heather and I performing at the winter camp talent show, was recently released in English. I’ve even heard the new version playing in Suyu.

Was bored the other day (and mindlessly Googling Boys Before Flowers) and came across a recent interview with the Wondergirls. Most of the interview is pretty dry and uninteresting, but my favorite part comes about two and half minutes in, when the interviewer asks if the Jonas Brothers are popular back in Korea. The response: “Yeah, definitely!” “Of course!” “They’re really popular!”

Lies! Most Koreans couldn’t care less about western pop music. I think the last time I heard a Jonas Brothers song was when I was back in Kingston, listening to K104 on the drive to work. Clearly, the girls couldn’t admit that nobody in Korea knows who the JoBros are (though I did have big Miley Cyrus fan in one my classes a few weeks ago), but I got a laugh from it. There is absolutely nothing in any of their voices that convinces me that the JoBros get airtime in Korea. I do give the girls props on their English, though. From what I’ve read, they’ve been studying English like crazy to prepare for all of the interviews they’re doing on the Jonas Brothers tour.