Overused phrase? Perhaps. But totally applicable? Yes. With 50 days left in my contract, I’ve made a promise to myself (and to you, my faithful readers). Fifty days, fifty blog posts. One post a day for the remainder of my time here. Can she do it? Yes she can! Let’s call this the “Korean Kountdown.”

I’ve got lots of post ideas floating around in my head, such as my visit to the zoo (where I fed kangaroos), future plans, my new obsession with the Korean version of “Gossip Girl” and the various fun/not-so-fun situations that occur in the classroom. It’s just a matter of finding time to type them out.

So I’ll take any votes of confidence you can throw at me. Blogging every day takes a lot of energy, not to mention brainpower. I’m willing to wager a drink on this one. If I miss even a single day of blogging, I’ll buy a drink for anyone who asks. But if I do indeed make 50 posts, you owe me a drink. Sound good? Who is willing to virtually shake hands on that bet?