A hearty congratulations to Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, voted best in the world. I can see why travelers are so taken by Incheon. It really is a nice airport with excellent food and shopping. As I noted when I called Erin a few weeks ago from my terminal waiting area, there’s even a Korean restaurant that claims to give customers a “traditional experience.” And what is more traditional, and not to mention authentic, than a woman in a hanbok strumming on a wooden instrument on an elevated platform in the restaurant while gawking foreigners snap photos and record video of her?

CNN reports that Incheon “boasts a golf course, spa, private sleeping rooms, a casino, and indoor gardens.” The sleeping rooms I knew about, and they’re absolutely brilliant. But a golf course? And a spa? I think I’ll be getting there extra early for my next flight…

Props go out to Britain-based Skytrax for conducting the survey and Teaneck, New Jersey-based Benjy Spiro for sending the story my way.