Yes, I’m back. Will update about China later. A more pressing post awaits. I went into the office and grabbed my schedule for the week. Check it out:


That’s right, not teaching a single class. Koreans are incredibly concerned about swine flu, especially from foreign teachers. According to the boards on, several dozen foreigners have been quarantined in recent weeks. When I got off the plane yesterday, men in masks forced all disembarking passengers into orderly lines to pass by inspectors, who took our medical forms. I happened to get a tickle in my throat while waiting in line, and let me tell you, that is probably the worst place in the world to have a coughing fit. Yet somehow, I passed through.

So now I’m back at SEV, working from home all week, save for this afternoon, when I have to go to the hospital for a medical exam. It’s fine by me; I’m perfectly content to be paid not to teach. And the week of programming is infinitely better than diving right back into classes.