Hey all! Erin is guestblogging for me to let you all know that I am indeed alive and kicking. China has been awesome–I’m currently at Megha’s apartment and her roommate is making us all breakfast. Tonight I leave for Shanghai and will be there until Sunday, when I return to Korea. My return to Korea has the potential to be very interesting. A nasty rumor at school has led me to believe that, because of swine flu, I might not be allowed to work for a week or so after arriving back in Korea, though I exhibit none of the symptoms and definitely do not have it. I’m waiting for confirmation from my boss, but hopefully it’s just a rumor that has spun out of control. Will keep you updated (through Erin) for the rest of my time in China. Thanks for sending well-wishes, and I’ll have a more complete post when I get back to Korea.