Was planning to blog about my trip to the DMZ today, but didn’t feel right for some reason. Expect it (maybe) before I go to China.

It’s been a weird day for a few reasons. Had to go to the U.S. embassy in Jongno today to get my signature notarized for my grandfather’s will. As cool as it was to go to the embassy (where there was cheap Dr. Pepper), it was under truly shitty circumstances. That weighing on my mind all day, coupled with a TMI work-related e-mail this evening, has really gotten me down. I’m beyond anxious for Saturday. I need to get out of Seoul, if only for a week. After the trip, it’s only another month until July, and everything good happens then–namely Mudfest, summer camp and the return of some close winter camp friends. Also, the pool will open, and I’ll be damned if I don’t get a solid tan this summer.

That’s not to say there haven’t been bright spots this week. Some of this week’s kids come from a school in Gangnam, one of the wealthier areas of the city. Many of these kids have really well-developed English skills and are actually enjoyable to talk with. In Grocery class yesterday, one kid, Brian, said, “Vicky teacher has a bee phobia. I have a corn phobia!” I was just shocked that he not only knew what “phobia” meant, but could pronounce it correctly. Reading my “mail” from Post Office class put a smile on my face, as well. Here are some of the best letters:

Dear Melissa,
Hello? My name is Stella/Hang-He-Young
You are so pretty (very very)
You are cooking class very pretty
Cooking is very fun!
I LOVE You ~ ❤
and I’ll tell you….
Kim-gyu-tae teacher
is love you~
It’s secret! Ok?
I’ll be back
Suyu-English village
Oh! Stamp (so) thank YOU~really bye~

Hello, My name is Vicky. You are so pretty! You are very good! I love you. I want a look for you. My drom room is Africa 204. You are so kind.
You are very good for cook.

Dear Melissa,
Hello, Melissa teacher. I am Kate.
At first team 16 wasn’t behaving well, but because of you, we were behaving well. Also, you looked like a police! I was really fun at your class and you were the nice teacher.
Thank you for all your help and we (team 16) will always remember you!!! Today is teacher’s day in Korea, so have a good time celebrating!
Also, I guess you are the best teacher in the world.
Bye, I will maybe come back and meet you and remember you.
Thank you for all! Love, Your last student Kate

Hello, Melissa teacher?
You’re the coolest teacher I’d ever seen. I’m very pleased to meet you. I like you because of your characteristics. You have same characteristics as mind.
I’m fine in Seoul English Village!
Teacher’s are nice.
Except foods are disgusting.
I hate them.
Also, staff teachers always yells at us.
Anyway, you’re my best teacher.
See you later! Bye!
Sincerely, AMY

That’s it for tonight. Chin up, China in four days!