Nope, not the official Philippines post. That will come in the next day or two (or so we hope). I’m back in Seoul and, of course, back under the weather because this city legitimately makes me sick. (And I’m not just being a drama queen. Alex has also been sick constantly, courtesy of yellow dust.) Now that we’re back into the swing of things here at SEV, I can continue to relay the funny things that happen to me every day (such as a certain part of the male anatomy–pronounced somewhat like “coke”–being a drink choice on the menu at the Indian restaurant we went to for dinner tonight).

Last night I took a cab home from the Purim festivities at Chabad of Korea. (Rabbi Litzman told me that if I put proper nouns such as Jewish, Korea, Chabad or Osher Litzman in my blog postings, then the link would show up in his Google feed. Now I’m testing that out.) I will most certainly blog about my Korean Purim later this week, because the pictures are too good to leave untouched in iPhoto.

Anyway, back to the cab. The driver didn’t know the intricacies of Suyu, and the only English he spoke was “OK.” Somehow, we made it to SEV unscathed. We did, however, waste much time, mostly because Korea is backwards. Let me explain. In Korea, yes truly means no. Well, in Czech it does. The Korean word for “yes” is “neh.” The Czech word for “no” is also “neh.” And somehow, I keep forgetting that I am in Seoul, not Prague. This was mighty inconvenient when the cabbie would point one way, and I would say “neh” and then he would drive in that direction. Oh, and to make matters worse, “yes” in Czech is “ano.” “No” in Korean is “ani.” Next stop: Complication Station.

So like I said, barring death (and lord knows there’s been enough of it recently), more peritonsillar abscess or orphans, the Phils post (with pictures of the infamous sunburn) will be up within the next few days. I’ve decided I need to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona before I blog about the trip, as some coworkers have said that Erin and I are Vicky and Cristina, respectively, and I want to see just how true that is.

Oh, and sidenote: I jammed my thumb a few hours ago and it is still throbbing.  I am in a constant state of shambles.