I think once upon a time, I said that I wished everything in the world was pink.  When we landed in the Phils early Monday morning, I was elated to see that my passport stamp was pink.

But you know what else is pink?


I am still burnt to a crisp, proving that I am indeed a Weiss. (My mother and sister are Solomons.  Bronze Solomon goddesses.)  Many coats of lotion later, I am still in SO MUCH PAIN (that’s so totally what she said).  Feet, forehead, knees, hips, chest, neck, back, arms, armpits–you name it, it’s burnt.  Erin sucks just about as much as I do when it comes to applying sunscreen–getting into and out of bed is a careful process for the both of us.

Lots to blog about, and it will all be done this weekend.  Our flight out is tonight (well, 1:45 a.m.), so we’ll be getting back to Seoul early tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I think I’ll be going to my friend Tobi’s Purim party in Itaewon Saturday night dressed as a lobster.  Do I ever fit the part…