And lord knows that nothing makes me happier than listening to “Summer of ’69.”

Erin and I found a cheaper beach today, called Hadsan Cove. And we learned that by asking the cabbie to use the meter, rather than agreeing on a set price, one will save a ton of money. Of course, this revelation came after paying 150 for “fresh-squeezed” orange juice at our hotel. I use quotes because there is nothing fresh-squeezed about Tang.

Overpriced liquid nourishment aside, today was a great day. As I sit here, showered and with a stomach happily digesting ice cream, I will now tell you about the awkward places where I learned first-hand  one can get sunburned:

-Tops of the feet (including big toes and crevice between big toe and second big toe.
-Right knee.
-Right upper thigh.
-You know that area right near where your leg meets your hip? Right below where the bikini bottom ties? Yeah, right there. Mostly right side, with a little pink on the left side.
-A nice line of red right above where the bikini bottom ends, at the base of the back.
-Tops of the hands (wrists included)
-OH and my chest got a nice tan, save for the incredibly awkward patches of lighter skin, courtesy of my huge necklace. My collarbone region looks like some sort of skin-colored camouflage experiment gone wrong.

It goes without saying that I will never be a Coppertone poster child.  And that I suck at applying sunblock to the right side of my body.

Tonight seems to be more of the same–going out for dinner and coming home to some quality CNN/BBC/National Geographic Channel. Don’t judge me for watching the news on my vacation. That is a vacation to me.

To be fair, it really isn’t safe to be out much past dark.  Incessant cat calls during the day become infinitely scarier at night.  Numerous people here have suggested we avoid the streets at  night.  Besides, we’re so wiped out from the sun and water that sitting around watching The Daily Show and eating chocolate cake sounds pretty damn good at 9 p.m.