I will be on a plane to the Philippines! Woo!!! Take-off is scheduled for 9 p.m., so…NOW! I’ve crammed a few sundresses, five pairs of underwear and a bathing suit into a backpack and am ready to spend five glorious, mostly sunny days (yes, the weather changed) on the beaches of Cebu.

I’ll try to update a couple times during the week–ye olde Macbook is staying put in Seoul, because you never know what could happen. Also, I haven’t got the world’s greatest track record when it comes to technology (Ghetto Dell, anyone? Pickle juice phone? Busted cameras galore?). Let’s just hope my camera and I make it there and back in one piece. The latter seems to be less likely at the moment, as I’m still all peritonsillar abscess-y and have all the tell-tale signs of some sort of infection. Erin is the same way, as evidenced by our current Gchat conversation:

Erin: we are gross
me: we are same
Erin: korea is killing us

Hopefully the warm sun and real food will do us some good.
Now, to get over my irrational fear of flying. I hate flying. I can’t repeat that enough. It sucks that flying is so instrumental to the one thing I love doing. Not much more I can say about it.
On that note, farewell, my friends! My next post will (hopefully) be from Cebu, Philippines!