Unsure if it is due to the weather, a child stealing my coat yesterday (though I eventually got it back), half my kids relocating their fingers to their noses or–even grosser–the kids who stick their hands down their pants for the entire class, but I’m sick again.  Just feeling out of it with a really sore throat, but that’s enough to bum anyone out.  I’ve only got two hours of programming this afternoon, so I think I’ll take an absurdly long nap after that.  Sadly, today we’re saying goodbye to Tobey, one of the Korean staff.  The goodbye party starts at 9 p.m. and I’m determined to be in top shape for it.

Things to expect from this blog in the next week:

-My trip to the Noryangjin fish market and subsequent sashimi experience.

-Hiking up to Seoul Tower to get a sweet look at the city.

-Korean Valentine’s Day.

-The Gustav Klimt exhibit I’m going to this weekend (woooo favorite artist!!!!!!)

All in good time, my friends.  All in good time.