OK, here’s my big appeal for help. SEV is giving us a week off at the end of January, which, when you factor in weekends, turns into a week and a half. Now here is the question–WHERE ON EARTH (well, Asia) SHOULD I GO???

To help me in my decision-making process, I’ve created a spreadsheet of pros and cons (because anyone who knows me can attest to my love of the ubiquitous pro/con list). It is my first Google Doc spreadsheet, and possibly my first spreadsheet period since freshman year of college, so don’t be too harsh and judgey.  At the moment, I can’t figure out how to get the spreadsheet onto my blog (because apparently that online journalism class I took and built a website for last year taught me nothing), so bear with me and go the extra mile and click on the spreadsheet link.  Nothing to download, and the page loads quickly, I swear.

Obviously these aren’t all of the options, and that’s where you folks come in. If you have any suggestions, any at all, please, I beg you, throw ’em at me! What should I do? Where should I go? Keep in mind time (a week and a half), budget (around $2,000) and my attention span and need for a hot shower on a semi-regular basis.

Absolutely not options: Australia/New Zealand, Israel (much as it breaks my heart) and coming back to America. Sorry, it just ain’t happening.

Thank you all in advance for helping me out, and I promise to take your words of advice and wisdom into consideration as I figure this out!