It was a tough week on many different levels, and I’m glad that it’s over. Between the week’s headlines, the orphans at school and family issues back in the States, I feel like I’ve been emotionally pulverized, just put in a blender and turned on high. If there is anything that I’ve learned this week, it is that the world can be cruel, ruthless, scary, punishing and unfair.

But deep down I think Anne Frank was on to something. I think that over the past week, we have all become more appreciative of what we’ve got. There is a silver lining in all of the pain and suffering that exists. We just need to find it.

On that note, upcoming in my life (and blog):

-a post about the hockey game I went to tonight

-our good friend Simone is coming to Seoul tomorrow and staying with us for a week as she heads back to California after working in South Africa for several months. Pictures and blog updates to come!

-lots and lots of cooking class this week-I think something like 14 classes of it over the next five days. But I’m not complaining–that class is great!

-a blog entry about the cute letters the kids write me. I’ve been stockpiling the best and taking pictures to put online over the past few weeks.

-Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (of last year’s Once) are coming to Seoul in January and I am so, so seeing them. From the time I wrote that last sentence half an hour ago until just now, I have been trying to find the clip of their Oscar performance, which I watched curled up on my couch in my apartment, reduced to tears and on the phone with Erin. Anyway, this is one of my favorite movies. Nothing beats Euro love, a killer soundtrack and an unsubtitled line that makes the movie (though I guess it does a better job of doing that when you know Czech…). Here’s that famous scene, complete with gaudy green and red translation:

-Winter camp teachers should be coming in the next couple weeks, which will be awesome. Fresh meaaaaaaaat!!

-contemplating getting a pair of UGGs. Because I am jappy. Well, maybe not. But my feet were freezing by the end of the hockey game, and that made me realize I need something to keep my fish-bitten feet warm in the coming months. Like UGG moccasins. Why? Because I’ve wanted moccasins for awhile. Let me be!

I started this post in November, and now it is December. Time flies when you’re living in the future, doesn’t it?