Walking back from lunch a few hours ago, Erin told me that if I make a tangible list of things I want to do (a bucket list of sorts), I am more likely to do them.  Well, I’m not going to make a bucket list just yet (mostly because I haven’t yet gotten over how disappointed I was by the movie), but I will make a list of things I want to get done by the end of November:

-Clean and decorate my apartment, then finally put up pictures.

-Decongest myself.  My Mac’s automatic spellcheck tells me that “decongest” is not a word.  I respectfully disagree.

-Turn 22.  Should be tricky, right?  I’m going to try not to be a birthday nazi this year.  Every year, I get extremely domineering and by the time the last week of November rolls around.  I believe last year’s week-long festivities included a party in Kingston, a party in College Park, a trip to Melting Pot, Big Ass Drafts at Cornerstone (by the way, the Times had a great story about Yelp.com the other day) and a big dinner with friends.  Some people hate birthdays, some people milk them for everything they’re worth.  I happen to be one of the latter.

-Stock up the kitchen.  It’s going to get cold soon, and when it does, there’s no way in hell I’m going to want to go all the way into the heart of Suyu for food as often as I do now.

-Read the other half of The Sun Also Rises.  Started it over the summer, must finish it soon.  If I had my way, it would be paired with a nice glass of pinot grigio, but that’s not really an option here, and if I drink it with soju, I won’t remember a single word.  Looks like it will be a Hemingway/Community Cafe matchup, which really isn’t the worst thing in the world–comfy chairs and couches, soft music and a mug of hot chocolate or pumpkin latte is the perfect thing for these chilly November nights.  Also, maybe it will help me decide if I want to move to Paris someday.

-Buy more cute shoes.  Korean women are ALL about wearing high heels all the time, regardless of what they’re doing.  My arches can’t handle that, but shoes are cheap enough here that I can snag a few pairs for less than 20 bucks and wear them whenever I want.  So far, I’ve only gotten one pair of heels, which I already blogged about.  Erin and I have had some problems with our Korean bank accounts, but once everything is figured out, more shoes will be bought.  Also, my toes are STILL holding the pedicure.  We’re coming up on two months now.