By the way, today marked my monthiversary with this crazy country. More on that some other time. While reading my favorite newspaper from around the globe this evening, I came across a great editorial in the Jerusalem Post. Granted, it’s yet another editorial about the demise of print journalism. We’ve heard it all before, far too many times to count. We’ve seen friends who are just starting in the business get laid off after a year or two. We’ve read the angryjournalist rants. And we’ve watched the old-timers take buyouts, while silenting praying to ourselves that their jobs will open up for us, the cheap(er) labor.

But back to this editorial. Now, I love JPost for several reasons. First of all, I have friends who have worked there in the past, and every JPoster I’ve met over the past few years has been absolutely wonderful and helpful. Secondly, the main newsroom in Jerusalem is cluttered, dirty and slightly chaotic–i.e. my type of place. And lastly, because they ended the editorial with this:

Ours is perhaps the luckiest of generations. We can relish the traditional newspaper, even as we reconcile ourselves to the technologies that are replacing it.”

Mmm, sigh…I suppose that if I’m going to eventually enter this dying industry, I should probably begin to learn how to use the Internet for things other than watching the entire West Wing series online…