So like I said yesterday, this week has been physically and emotionally draining on most of the teachers.  Had this been my first week here, I think I might have quit.  We have a couple hundred students from an orphanage, and they are by far the most challenging students I’ve had since coming here.  They’re louder and more violent than the other students, and seem to have no fear.  I had Monday off, so I missed them on the first day, but have had them in my classes every day since.  I’ve seen blood and tears on a daily basis, and at one point wound up with someone else’s blood on me (I don’t know whose and I don’t know how).  On one hand, it’s very agitating because I hate not being in control, and with these kids, I feel like I have absolutely none.  Their English levels are so low and their desire to learn is about the same.  But on the other hand, none of this is really their fault.  They’re angry and hurt and they don’t know why.  Most of the kids who act out are doing so because they’ve been incredibly starved for attention their entire lives.  It’s Psych101.  I just wish I knew how to deal with them in a more positive way.

That’s really it.  The past few days have been crazy and emotional in terms of the work stuff.  Tomorrow is our Halloween celebration, for which all teachers are required to dress up.  I know I said I was going to be Carmen Sandiego, but the costume was too difficult to pull together (I really just couldn’t find the coat) and so I’ll be going as a school-appropriate (read: not slutty) tiger this year.  Infinitely less fun than Carmen, I know, but that just means that I have a whole year to find a hot red jacket.  Halloween 2009, look out!