Like I’ve said in the past, we have kids stay here at SEV for up to a week. At the end of their stay, there is a graduation ceremony. During the ceremony, the team with the most team excellence stamps gets a prize, which happens to always be a candy bar. Well, this week, as the head teachers were handing out the candy bars, the kids still sitting down starting yelling out to the winning team, “Melanine! Melanine!” No better way to kill a sugar high than to remind your friends that they may be ingesting harmful chemicals from China.

On a related note, the kids have a lot of trouble pronouncing my name. Who knew “Melissa” would be so difficult? Mom and Dad, I still resent not being named Eve, like you originally intended. Well, today, when I tried to get one of my classes to pronounce my name, one of the kids shouted out, “Mel…Mel…Melamine!” So yeah, now I’ve sickened tens of thousands of Chinese babies. Awesome.

And while I’m talking about melamine, I should say that a student left his SEV passport in the auditorium earlier this week. I picked it up and checked the name inside. Any guesses as to what it was? You guessed it-Melamine. Fits right in with Bishop, Big Bang (apparently a Korean boy band or something), L (with a circle around it), Ant, Paris, Carbon, Jety and Castle. Yes, those were the English names of the kids I had this morning.

Now, completely unrelated: I mentioned getting a nice silk sheet set the other day. Here’s a video that deserved posting. It is of Greg, the guy who gave me the sheets. In this video, Greg is dancing at last year’s SEV Christmas party. Oh, and the voice in the background singing “She Bangs” isn’t William Hung, as I originally thought. It belongs to one of the teachers here. Enjoy Gregory in all his glory!