When new kids come into SEV, they have to go through “immigration.” That is, they show their passports (miniature passports they carry everywhere that hold stamps from the different classes they’ve attended) and get nametags with their English name. Since SEV is an English village, we call each kid by his or her English name all week. Which is probably a really good thing, considering every attempt I’ve made to pronounce transliterated Korean has gone horribly wrong and resulted in kids laughing at me.

Most of the kids already have English names that they’ve used before, but some do not. That is where the fun starts. The “immigration officers” (teachers) give them English names, or help them pick out English names for themselves. Ninety percent of the names we get are normal, such as Sally, Amy, Tom and Joe. Then there are some weird ones-the boy named Jesica (the immigration officer even said to him, “You know that’s a boy name, right? Do you want to change it to…Jaysica?”), the girl named T.O.P. (no idea what it stood for) and random others such as Generous, Quiet, Fernando and my personal favorite, Cabin. The ‘b’ and the ‘v’ sounds are confusing for the kids, so Cabin is supposed to be Kevin. Easy mistake. Oh, and lest we forget the numerous Harrys, HPs, Herrys and Harry Porters. Seems J.K. Rowling is a hit over here.

The best conversation happened yesterday at lunch. One of the teachers we were sitting with worked immigration that morning, and was telling us about some of the kids. He said he had a kid who wanted her name to be “An jelly najoly.” Say it outloud. Though doing that may not even help you, because even as he was telling us this story, he didn’t realize the girl wanted her English name to be Angelina Jolie.

Speaking of the divine Ms. J, several students have started calling Erin by her name. Now here’s the big question: If Erin and I are an old married couple, does that make me Brad Pitt (aside from them not actually being married)? Furthermore, does this mean that I had sex with Jennifer Aniston?

That about does it for now-nothing exciting to report about today. I went out with some teachers last night and was very thankful to have today off. Lots of sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. And I took a shower. Might not sound like a big deal, but I LOVE the shower here. Aside from the fact that it drains into the floor, it’s awesome. I literally sat down on the toilet lid to shave my legs. Maybe that’s too much info? I don’t really care. You all should come visit simply because of the shower. And the nibbling fish that I’ve already promised to take every visitor to. Even if you don’t come until the spring, that’s cool. Odds are good that my pedicure, which I got nearly a month ago, will probably still be in top condition. I’d take a picture, but my camera is all the way in the kitchen, five feet away…