“Whoever you are, wherever you are
Don’t fear your road.
Though it may get lonely,
It’s your path to follow
And has been since you were born.
The color of the sky,
The scent of the wind,
The murmur of the water,
All are wonderful things.
Embrace them as you choose your path.
Feel and do as you will.
Whoever you are, wherever you are,
Your road will eventually find you.”

I found that in one of the Korean Air magazines on the plane, and I think it sets the tone for the next year. Speaking of which, shanah tovah to everyone celebrating Rosh Hashannah!

After a two-hour drive to the airport, a two-hour wait at JFK, a 14-hour flight over the Arctic Circle and an hour-long taxi drive through Seoul rush hour, Erin and I have arrived at Seoul English Village. Since we got in around 7 p.m., it was already dark, but the campus seems really nice. Erin and I are going to go exploring today. We’ve met a few people so far and they seem really nice. The guy across the hall from me is from Albany, so that’s a nice taste of upstate N.Y.

Oh, but before I forget, let’s talk about the plane ride. I’ve never been on a plane, or any other sort of transportation, for 14 hours. Even my flights home from Israel never topped 12 and a half. Food, while not amazing, wasn’t bad at all. And the movie selections! I had a million different options in all different genres (Classics, Popular, European, Korean), and could start and stop them as I pleased. Here are, in order, the films I saw:

Sex and the City: Whatever, I liked it in theaters and wanted to see it again. And the whole “Pookeepsie” thing is funny and a slight taste of home.

The Graduate: Somehow, I have never seen this movie. Basically, I have never seen any good or classic movie ever made (just ask Mr. Sullivan, who didn’t believe me when I said I hadn’t seen Schindler’s List and wanted to review it for our 12th grade European history term paper). Moral of the story, and movie: I love Dustin Hoffman. Also, you absolutely cannot hate on a movie that has its music done by Simon and Garfunkel.

Before the Rains: I had wanted to see this under-the-radar film for quite some time, ever since I saw a preview for it earlier this year. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but wasn’t the worst movie I was to see on the plane.

That honor was reserved for Be Kind Rewind, which I only saw about 33 minutes of before I had to turn it off because it was just bad. I had high hopes for that one, but Jack Black’s stupidity lost me along the way.

Next up was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, of Rien Sarah, Je Ne Va fame, which was unquestionably the funniest and most entertaining movie I saw on the plane. Every line uttered was hilarious, and I actually found myself liking Russell Brand’s character, which was unexpected, considering the horrible job he did hosting the VMA’s last month.

The last movie I watched was Made of Honor, which when it first came out, I promised myself I would never see. I’m pretty positive that I’ve never seen less chemistry between two leading roles than I did between Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. I actually missed the last few minutes of it because I decided to nap mid-movie, and didn’t wake up with enough time left to see it through. But I’m pretty sure I know what happens.

So yeah, all those movies, blah blah blah. Got off the plane, went through customs and found Erin before I even got down to baggage claim. My bags were some of the first off, which NEVER happens, and after a quick currency exchange, we were on our way.

So now I’m here in my apartment at Seoul English Village. Its now almost 7:30 a.m. local time, and Erin and I aren’t meeting up for about four more hours, which gives me enough time to shower, play on the Internet (which I hooked up all myself…hollerrrrrrrrr) and maybe catch a quick nap.

Next time I update, hopefully I’ll have some stories to tell about orientation, which begins tomorrow.

Oh, also, Google is in Korean!! I took a screenshot of it-check it out: