I am buying a digital camera.  For anyone who knows my track record with cameras, you know that this is a huge step for me.  In fact, for the past year and a half, I have been relegated to using disposable cameras, because not only do I not own a digital, but nobody in my family will lend me theirs (not even on my 21st birthday, thanks Joanna).  Cameras I owned in high school aside, my two most memorable college ones met their dooms in the following ways:  The first, a Kodak Easyshare, was dropped near the spot where Yitzak Rabin was shot in Tel Aviv, on my first trip to Israel.  It never worked quite the same after that, and during the course of the following semester, slowly but surely slipped away from this world.  The second camera I owned I had higher hopes for.  I was a week or so away from leaving for Prague and in desperate need of a camera to chronicle the upcoming semester.  My friend Tori convinced me to get a Canon, because her mother had one and raved about it.  So begins my two-month relationship with my Canon.  Apparently I should have gotten a case for it, or at least not left it in my purse to bounce around and be forgotten about.  So imagine my shock when I found myself in the middle of Budapest street riots and reached for my camera and it didn’t work!  Not only didn’t it work, but somehow, half of the photos I had taken thus far had gotten corrupted.  This is why I only have three Facebook albums of pictures from my semester abroad.

So now I’m trying again.  A year with a camera is a long time, inarguably longer than I’ve ever had one before, but maybe I can do it.  And if not, I hope there’s a good electronics repair shop.

Second item of the day: I sound like a frog.  Forget the sexy phone voice, because unless Kermit turns you on (and I don’t want to know if he does), you do NOT want to talk to me.  Unless, of course, you want to laugh at how ridiculous I sound.  I need some cough syrup, pronto.

That just about does it.  Digital cameras and hoarse voices-pretty much sums up this dreary, upstate New York Sunday.  OH, the city editor of the local paper said the chances are good for me to be next Saturday’s “Reader of the Week.”  I hope you all are happy.