every time I see this commercial, I cry. EVERY SINGLE TIME. When did I become a crazy animal lady?

Conversely, these are my two favorite things in the world:

It should be noted that the entire time I lived in Prague, my television watching consisted of little more than the Grey’s Anatomy purchased off iTunes and the porn that was constantly watched by the old Czech men who worked in our building.  Something very underrated in that city is a very nice movie theater located at the Anděl tramvaj and metro stop.  An interesting thing about movie theaters in the Czech Republic, and perhaps elsewhere in Europe, I don’t really know-you can’t sit wherever you want.  The seats are assigned, though truth be told, the way the theaters are constructed, there really isn’t a bad seat in the entire room.  And seeing a movie there was so cheap-110 Kč for a student ticket, which at the time was about five bucks, though now, thanks to the horrible exchange rate, is more than $6.50.

Anyway, back to my original story.  The Vodafone and New Yorker commercials played before every movie I saw that semester.  I found myself laughing hysterically at them both.  When I returned to America, I did a Youtube search to find them as quickly as I could, and in the process of doing so, stumbled across this gem:

So with that bit of cuteness, I’m signing off!