Right on, Emerson! With that in mind, about five minutes ago I made the executive decision to organize my bookshelf this week. Possibly even tonight. It just occurred to me that on my bed is where I usually sit when I’m online nowadays, and this bookshelf sits a mere five feet from me, right in front of my face. It would be quite aesthetically pleasing to have something more organized to look at than a bookshelf with no rhyme or reason.

You know what? This is going to be my mission. My friend Jess has a blog chronicling her preparation for races, for now, this blog can be used to help me chronicle my misadventures in room-cleaning. It should be said that my room hasn’t been CLEAN clean in about two years. Our cleaners won’t even touch my room to vacuum it.

So, that settles it. I’m going to clean this hellhole. And blog about it. Maybe.

Just so you can see how desperately my room needs a cleaning, I’ll include some pictures. Feel free to judge, God knows I would.